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Social entrepreneurs with infinite potential confront challenges boldly and head on, and sometimes fail to overcome them. They learn and grow bigger, creating a sustainable ecosystem where local issues can be solved. 

We believe in the power of their spirit of challenge that can make a more beautiful world. About the program. Brief texts. About the program. About the program. Brief texts. About the program. Brief text. About the program the program. Brief texts. About program. Brief texts.  



Social Impact

We foster startups that have a clear social mission. We look for businesses that are able to define and solve the social problems of the target areas, countries, and cities.

Investible Venture

We support impact startups to pursue mainstream market penetration by providing market-fit products and solutions.

Innovative Technology

We believe the importance of technology and focus on R&D to create unparalleled and sustainable competitiveness.

Global Engagement

By using Samsung brands and global presence, we give chances to outstanding impact startups with expanding and beyond the local into the regional and global. 

Local Empowerment

We provide the most appropriate program for each region and country considering local impact ecosystem status. 

Samsung For Impact



Our IMPACT Key five themes includes city /community, environment / energy, education / social welfare, employment, and finance that we concluded through thoughtful consideration based on local market research. However, we do not limit the area only to those five and any businesses that solve social problems can apply. 

City /

Urban regeneration, Innovation in residential, commercial spaces, community buildings

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities/Communities


Female, Disabled, NKD, MCF Employment

SDG 10 Gender Equality

SDG 10 Reducing Inequality

Environment / Energy

Environment, Renewable Energy, Recycling, Green Industry, Environment friendly products

SDG 13 Fighting Climate Change


Inclusive finance, micro-finance, payment remittance

SDG 1 No Poverty

SDG 2 Zero Hunger

SDG 8 Decent Work

Education / Social Welfare

Education, Healthcare, Social Welfare


SDG 3 Enhancing Healthcare and Well-being

SDG 4 Ensuring Quality Education


Each team will receive 15,000 ~ 30,000 EUR depending on the program location.

Seed Investing

Each team will receive up to 100,000 EUR depending on the business plan.

3 months Curriculum

Each team will have the oppor-tunity to learn through 12 weeks curriculum including demo-day. 


Start-ups for 
Creating Social Impact

We target early stage start-ups with minimum viable product and a business model that can penetrate into the mainstream market with strong traction for follow-on investment. Teams must have a clear goal for creating social impact through their business model. The business model must be aligned with the approach of the program.


Program benefits can be different from the locations, so please check the local country website or pages for the accurate program benefits and other information. 



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 UNIT 1 

Team Building  4weeks

 UNIT 2 

Busienss Developing  4weeks

 UNIT 3 

Product Developing  4weeks



Accelerate your business and Impact the world Pick Your Location & Apply Now 


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact
Enabling People 
To Impact the World





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