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Samsung For Impact

Samsung For Impact is an European impact acceleration program, which discovers and bolsters promising impact startups and social entrepreneurs who are driving social good through their business or developing innovative technology with a  social purpose.


The program aims to invigorate sustainable impact ecosystems on a city and country level through strengthening the capability of local impact startups and ultimately providing a platform for solving large and complex social problems on a global scale. 



Social Impact

SFI fosters impact startups that are able to define and solve the social problems of the target areas, countries, and cities. SFI aims to establish a sustainable impact startup ecosystem. 

Technology & Business Support

SFI looks for impact startups that understand the importance of technology and create unparalleled and sustainable competitiveness through R&D and technology. SFI guides social entrepreneurs through their journey, sharing Samsung’s vast repertoire of knowledge and expertise in technology and business.

Organized Learning

SFI believes that education and learning can create changes. SFI provides well organized learning tailored to entrepreneurs for impact so that they can develop business capabilities and create sustainable impact for the world. 

Local Empowerment

SFI  supports social startups on a long-term basis by connecting them with local partners and fostering lasting relationships. SFI is focused on solving the social problem of the local community through local empowerment.  

Global Expansion

SFI supports social startups by providing Samsung’s global network and brand power. SFI offers an opportunity for social startups to communicate and cooperate with Samsung business units for their global expansion. 

Samsung For Impact



Impact Startups from Early to Growth Stage with Strong Technology

SFI provides an impact acceleration program for impact startups from early-stage to growth-stage that seeks to follow-on investment for the next stage. Startups with strong technology or clear mission and vision are preferred.



Each startup will receive grants from Samsung subsidiaries.

Samsung Mentors

Startups will work with Samsung mentors who have experiences and knowledge on technology and other functional areas. 

4-month Program 

Startups will have the learning opportunity for 16 weeks through a well organized curriculum.


Startups that complete the program will be given an opportunity to present in front of investors for a follow-on investment 


Unit 1
Team Building


Unit 2
Impact Business Developing


Unit 3
Impact Product Developing


Unit 4
Preparing Pitching for IR



Program benefits can be different from the locations, so please check the local country website or pages for the accurate program benefits and other information. 


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Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


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Question? Check out the FAQ


Q. How many teams do you select for a batch?

Minimum five teams are selected for a batch.

Q. Can I apply as a consortium?

SFI does not accept a consortium due to the confusion of grant and investment.

Q. Do I have to have a MVP?

Yes. SFI is an acceleration program, not an incubation program. We want applicant startups to have MVPs. Startups that have validated the MVP with customers are preferred.

Q. Do you have any requirements for the applicants?

Yes. Startup applicants should be based in the hosting country and founded under three years.

Q. Do I have to own IP or R&D function?

No. SFI is focused on technology but it is not necessary that applicants already own intellectual properties or R&D function. However, teams with technology oriented vision are preferred.

Grant & Investment

Q. How much is the grant? What are requirements?

It depends on the location of the program due to the currency value difference. Generally, each team will be provided average ERU 15 K ~ 30 K grant from the Samsung Subsidiary. Total five teams among five to six teams are given grants per batch. The grant is for Impact Measurement and startups that received the grant have the responsibilities to collect data and report the impact following the impact measurement guideline.

Q. How much is the seed investment?

It depends on the location of the program due to the currency value difference. Generally, each team will be provided average ERU 15 K ~ 30 K seed investment from the local accelerator. Total three teams among five to six teams are given equity investment per batch. The share of the investment depends on the valuation of each startup.

Q. Any other benefits?

Teams that completed the program with an excellent grades are given opportunities to work with Samsung Business Group. Winners of each country are given an opportunity to attend and present at SFI European competition in June 2020.


Q. How long is the program?

SFI is a four month (16 weeks) length acceleration program.

Q. Can I meet Samsung business team during the program?

Yes. Samsung employees will participate the program as a functional coaches (marketing, technology, etc.)




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