Impacting the World Through
Startup Acceleration Program

Samsung for Impact seeks to discover and support promising social entrepreneurs
who are at the beginning of their journey to make a positive impact on society.


Samsung For Impact

Samsung For Impact is a European impact acceleration program designed to discover and bolster promising impact startups and entrepreneurs working to achieve social good through their business or developing innovative technologies with a social purpose.


The program aims to invigorate sustainable impact ecosystems on both city and national levels by helping strengthen the capabilities of local impact startups and ultimately provide a platform for solving large and complex social problems on a global scale.



Acceleration Focused on Social Impact

The Samsung For Impact helps young entrepreneurs or startups developing solutions that address various societal problems, assisting their grow and further development. It is difficult to tackle ever-increasing societal problems only through efforts of individuals, civic organizations or governments. Samsung For Impact supports startups to develop technology solutions to address these problems facing us. 

Technology & Business Support

Samsung For Impact looks for startups that understand the importance of technology and are creating unparalleled and sustainable competitiveness through R&D and technology. The program guides social entrepreneurs through their journeys, sharing with them Samsung’s vast repertoire of knowledge and expertise in technology and business gained from decades of experience as a global business. In addition, Samsung For Impact offers opportunities to social startups to capitalize on Samsung’s global network in expanding their businesses in a sustainable way.

Systematic and Structured Learning

Samsung For Impact provides a foundation of systematic and structured curriculum on team building, business development, product development and IR  readiness that are essential for growth of impact startups. Participants will be provided with support in all aspects of a startup – vision and mission setting, goal and progress measurements including KPIs, business model development, and even preparation of presentations and pitch deck. The training and guidance will be in-depth and substantive, including one-on-one coaching sessions in methodologies and strategies with Samsung employee mentors.

Collaboration with Partners 

Samsung For Impact is implemented in cooperation with local partners that understand and have influences on the local ecosystem to enable effectively and sustainably solve societal problems on a local level. Samsung for Impact also supports social startups on a long-term basis by connecting them with local partners and fostering lasting relationships. The program underpins Samsung’s belief in collaboration, as we strive to establish a sustainable social ecosystem where governments, NGOs, universities and social entrepreneurs alike can work in cohesion to solve societal problems. Not clear what “IR” is. Investor Relations?


Samsung For Impact

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Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


Samsung For Impact


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Question? Check out the FAQ


Q. How many teams do you select per batch?

Up to five teams are selected per batch.

Q. Do I have to have a MVP?

It depends on the location of the program, but startups that have validated the MVPs with customers are preferred.

Q. Do I have to own IPs or have R&D capabilities?

No. SFI is focused on technology but it is not mandatory that applicants own intellectual properties or have R&D capabilities. However, teams with technology-oriented visions are preferred.

Grant & Investment

Q. How much is the grant? What are the requirements?

It depends on the location of the program due to difference in costs. The grant is for Impact Measurement. The startups that received the grant have the responsibilities to collect data and report on the impact they have according to the impact measurement guideline.

Q. How much is the seed investment?

It depends on the location of the program due to difference in costs. The share of the investment depends on the valuation of each startup.

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